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About Web Components from Space

About Me

My name is Ben Farrell, and I'm a Prototyper with I also wrote a book on Web Components in 2019 called Web Components in Action. I bring my prototyping mindset to this video series. I'll never tell you what to do, just offer suggestions on how to explore the technology I'm presenting. I may take some roundabout ways to do a thing, but it's all part of how I learn things and I like to share that journey. This video series is also not meant to teach the "correct" way to work with the technology discussed. Again, we are just exploring and learning.

For more proper Web Component training, especially with Lit, you might enjoy the Lit University channel on Youtube

New format with Web Components from Space

Web Components in Space was a lot of work! I'm going to tone things down a bit with the new content for "From Space". For me, it's going to be more about creating stuff and less time spent in the editing room on my own talking head. This means, the videos should be short and sweet, and I'll do more blog writing to replace the lab bits. I'm also not going to seek out interviews anymore, but I'm always happy to interview you if you have something awesome you want to share here!


I'd like to thank:


Video editing in Adobe Premiere, Motion graphics and compositing in Adobe After Effects, graphics in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, audio editing in Adobe Audition, 3D Rendering and Scene layout and minor modeling texturing and animation in Blender 3D, 3D animation in Tvori VR, 3D modeling in Gravity Sketch and Adobe Medium, 3D texturing in Adobe Substance Painter, VR Motion Capture in Glycon Pro, coding in Jet Brains WebStorm


Though I work for Adobe, the thoughts and opinions on this site and video series do not reflect those of my employer. I also do not represent the Spectrum Web Components team, or work on that team.

The software used, inclusive of the Adobe Creative Cloud and Spectrum Web Components, is done as a hobbyist. This means that my video/audio production skills don't reflect the professional output that can be achieved in that software, and there even may be better ways to use Spectrum Web Components than how I've presented.